A downloadable game for Windows

shoot the beat! reads your local osu! beatmaps and transforms them into a 3D colorful environment! Just download the game and play it - you can play any osu! map you already have on your computer, or play the default maps.

Newest public build: 0.1.5 - Be sure to always stay updated!

As of now, shoot the beat! is officially on alpha stage - this is the first available public build, which means some features are still being developed, so we will need your feedback and support to improve and keep going strong.

We want to keep putting countless hours into the project like we have been doing for the past three months, but it's getting hard with work and college projects.

Additionally, consider supporting and playing the awesome game that inspired us, osu! - without it shoot the beat! would obviously never have been a thing!

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StatusIn development
GenreRhythm, Shooter

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip and open the game to play it! Additionally, there's an option inside the game to tell shoot the beat! where your local osu! folder is, in order to read all of the maps (shoot the beat! doesn't use anything other than the Songs folder, though). Make sure to select the root osu! folder by clicking it once (not going inside of it)  and press the "Select" button. This will take you to the database loading screen, which will take a couple of minutes reading and creating the database for every map :)

Please be patient as the game is currently being developed. All feedback is appreciated!


- This is a Wx64 build ONLY. More platforms will be eventually supported.
- If your folder is too large, you'll be on "LOADING..." screen for some minutes when you boot up the game for the first time (processing new beatmaps), and up to a minute each time after that. The database is being optimized, so if your folder is too large, it might take some seconds to boot up the game (30gb folder on HDD takes around 30-45 seconds). This is currently being optimized as a priority. If you get stuck on "LOADING..." screen after changing the osu! folder path (NOT when starting the game) restart the game and it should be fixed.

W10 database and loading speeds have been improved dramatically (need more improvement yet). W7 is apparently having issues, please report at Discord server to let us know about your DB speeds. More info = quicker fixes.


- Database speeds will be optimized (both when creating the database for the first time and when starting up the game with a big folder, which currently takes up to a minute if you're using an HDD and a huge folder. *priority*

(Windows 7 users reportedly having abysmally low speeds compared to W10 when creating the database for the first time. W10 is pretty good right now (around 250 maps / minute on an old HDD, around 3x faster on a SSD)

- Song searching / sorting / metadata display

- Numbers and lines not properly stacking during gameplay

- Kiai effects

- Eventually, scoreboards


shoot the beat! v.a.0.1.6.zip 40 MB
shoot the beat! v.a0.1.5.zip 40 MB
shoot the beat! v.a.0.1.4.zip 74 MB
shoot the beat! v.a.0.1.3.zip 74 MB

Development log


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No matter what, the game won't load any songs. If I try it will load forever and not work. Also, the discord link is expired.

I figured out how to fix it, and it's simple.

 First simply click reset in osu! folder path in options and then it will say "loading". Then close the game, because even though it reset, it won't get rid of the loading screen, and execute the game again. Finally link the osu!folder path in browse. Make sure it's the correct path and it workie

Deleted post