Patch 0.1.2 is here! Fixed and improved stuff, mainly dizziness-inducing gameplay!

After the initial test build launch, we got a lot of feedback from the awesome osu! community!

We're working hard on fixing, improving and adding new features.

Here's a rundown of the v.0.1.2 patch:

- Fixed mousewheel changing volume at FileBrowser.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't scroll past 6 difficulties at song select.
- Fixed a bug that was causing some users to not be able to load their osu! folder if it was called "Osu!" instead of "osu!" (will remove name dependancy in the near future).
- Fixed a bug where the cursor wouldn't animate on press if you changed your keybindings.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the game to behave weirdly if you pressed random keys while going from song select to beatmap play screen.
- Improved the skin (now approach circles have the same color as the notes).
- Added an FPS cap at 500FPS (will be adjustable soon).
- Added note brightness slider in the graphics menu.

At the same time, we are working on:

- Improving database creation/loading speeds
- Song select search
- FoV slider

Thanks for all your amazing feedback so far!


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Jul 23, 2017

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